Build your leadership muscles to lead high performance, 
results-oriented teams.

Conscious Core Leadership Coaching creates a measurable impact in leadership effectiveness, emotional intelligence and agility, conflict resolution,

 and leading change.  

Conscious Leadership Core Coaching is a transformational process where we explore beliefs, values, assumptions, thoughts, and experiences that  form  the Invisible Threads  influencing our worldview and limiting our success. 

These Invisible Threads subconsciously drive the choices we make, our behavior, and they determine how we show up as leaders at work and home. They affect our motivation, engagement, and ability to achieve what we want, often creating a ripple effect for us, our team, and across org

When you are able to make conscious choices, you can move away from reaction into the driver’s seat where you intentionally choose how you respond, thus expanding options, oppo
rtunities, and decreasing stress and burnout.   

If you are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or like you’re on a never-ending hamster wheel and wondering how to forge a better way – if you want to be a leader who leads from a position of calm, confidence, purpose, and passion – then this transformational work helps you become aware of your own Invisible Threads that are holding you back, so you can develop concrete actions t o achieve the success you want, and be the leader your team and business need.  

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How Leadership and Executive Coaching can benefit your team 

just some of the many benefits of leadership coaching

  • Develop greater connection and trust-based influence with your team through increased self-awareness, emotional intelligence and agility. 
  • Solidify leadership skills, adapt to a new leadership role – become a more well-rounded leader, and gain confidence. 
  • Reduce stress, increase confidence and motivation, and improve coping skills so that the dual pressure of work and home has less impact on performance, especially for female leaders. 
  • Effectively navigate team dynamics, team building, and leading hybrid teams – take your team to the next level, improve performance outcomes, and reduce barriers to goal achievement. 
  • Reduce chaos and harmful conflict, embrace differences, and get your team to collaborate more. 
  • Gain confidence in leading change initiatives, increasing team engagement, collaboration, and autonomy. 
  • Move beyond your current level – career advancement, start your own business, increase performance, and
    achieve results with sustainable consistency.

your business flourishes with organizational coaching

  • Develop the leader as coach and implement a coaching  culture that unleashes the potential in leaders and teams to achieve unprecedented levels of engagement, creativity, innovation, and performance.
  • Elevate women in the workplace through tailored leadership coaching and development programs, workshops,
    and implementing Women in Business Leadership Programs. 
  • Deepen your leadership pipeline, attract and retain talent, and foster increased diversity through tailored
    leadership coaching and development. 
  •  Leaders develop the confidence to lead change and facilitate healthy conflict, which increases agility and willingness to embrace change, leading to a healthier work environment.
  • Increased employee and customer retention supports better internal/external stakeholder relations, and ultimately reduces stress and conflict in the workplace, to help break the cycle of constant recruiting, hiring and onboarding.
Tammie Maloy,

My coaching approach is tailored to the needs and goals of the leader and the organization. We meet together for an indepth exploration of your needs, and then create a bespoke program and process that speaks specifically to your unique needs.

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Individual or Group Coaching for your team or organization