Individual or Group Coaching for you, your team or organization

I tailor our coaching and development plans specifically to meet the needs
 and goals of the leader, team, and organization.

Executive and Leadership Coaching

1:1 Conscious Leadership Core Coaching for CEOs, Executives, Business Owners,
 and Mid-Level Managers

Conscious Leadership Core Coaching is a transformational process where we explore beliefs, values, assumptions, thoughts, and experiences that form the Invisible Threads  influencing our worldview and limiting our success. 

If you want to be a leader who leads from a position of calm, confidence, purpose, and passion, then this transformational work helps you become aware of your own Invisible Threads that are holding you back, so you can develop concrete actions to achieve the success you want, and be the leader your team and business need. 

Team and Group Coaching

Team or Group coaching is co-created with you and your team, or groups. 
Teams or Groups can include up to 10 people 

Replace low energy, blame, conflict, chaos, and stress with engaged collaboration, embracing change, and accepting responsibility for increased revenue, profits, and growth.

If you or your organization are experiencing decreased motivation, engagement, poor communication and collaboration, Core Leadership Tools provide a path to resolving conflict, team cohesion, and accountability.  

Leadership Development

Programs for emerging/high potentials, first-time managers, role transitions/success
 in a new role; specialized programs for female leaders

Traditional management classes and leadership training often focus more on task management, metrics, and reports rather than the people side of leadership.  

Human Leadership Designs offers Conscious Leadership Core Coaching and  Leadership  Development programs designed to help new leaders become influential and impactful leaders who know how to maximize the potential of themselves and their teams  while meeting business objectives. Typically offered in partnership with leaders in HR and Talent/Leadership Development.

Conscious Leadership ​Coaching Culture

Implement a Transformational Conscious Leadership Core Coaching Culture

  Shift from a culture of conflict, responsibility avoidance, disengagement, stress, burnout, and turnover to an energized, collaborative, creative, and innovative purpose-filled culture where everyone in the organizational ecosystem is rowing in the same direction for optimal performance. 

Human Leadership Designs partners with HR and organizational leaders to implement a transformational coaching culture that attracts, develops, and retains top talent. 

Coaching is the crucial element of fostering a culture that facilitates the learning, development, and growth that teaches
people to recognize and take ownership of their role as a leader – wherever they are within the organization – to help
employees, leaders, teams, and organizations expand what they think is possible for themselves and their work. 

A Conscious Leadership Coaching Culture supports a leader growth strategy that focuses on learning, development, and
maximizing potential leading to increased engagement, resilience, commitment, and ownership. Reach out today to
learn more.

Talent Development Consulting

  For Small Businesses and Startups  

Human Leadership Design offers talent  development consulting for startups and small businesses. These programs are designed with  smaller organizations in mind where HR leaders and/or organizational managers wear multiple hats, leaving less time for the people development aspects that are crucial to overall individual and organizational success.  

Programs are reversed engineered to meet people where they are now and develop them to achieve their full potential to promote the individual and leadership growth necessary to meeting  key business needs. 

From recruiting to interviewing and hiring the best candidates, to onboarding, career pathing, and continued development for optimal success, Human Leadership Design works with HR leaders and managers to co-create a strategy that meets your unique organizational  talent and leadership development needs.  

Coffee Chats

For Women and Leadership

These sessions are held twice a month, on the  second and fourth Wednesday of the month.

Duration:  45-60 minutes.

Her Voice Coffee Chat
2nd Wednesday of each month

These Group  coffee chats are discussions and mini training sessions around current leadership challenges unique to women where they can ask about their most pressing leadership questions or issues.


LEAD: Leadership Exploration and Development Coffee Chat
4th Wednesday of each month

These Group coffee chats provide a forum for leaders (or anyone interested in becoming a leader) to attend a brief training session and/or discussion on current leadership challenges where they can ask about their most pressing leadership questions or issues


Energy Leadership Index Assessment

The Energy Leadership Index Assessment (ELI) measures the amount of energy you expend in response to the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that affect how you currently perceive and approach work and life. 

The ELI brings conscious awareness to help leaders shift their responses to what is happening to and around them in real time. Armed with this knowledge, it provides avenues of discovery for coach and client to explore that helps the client learn to make conscious choices to reduce innate stress levels for a greater work/life harmony, goal achievement, and overall satisfaction. 

The outcome is increased energy, motivation, and engagement for leader and team. Stress is a is an energetic, emotional reaction to what is happening TO and AROUND us. The energy we expend can be either fueling and energizing or draining and exhausting. Your energy levels impact your motivation and engagement, which in turn increases or decreases your ability to achieve your goals.

The process includes 90-minute debrief and specific, client-driven actions to begin the transformational shift towards conscious leadership with increased awareness, motivation, and engagement. Leaders, and teams, set the foundation for performing with a higher degree of collaboration, creativity, innovation, and vision. 

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Evolving Leader Assessment

The Evolving Leader Assessment is designed to measure  leadership competencies, dimensions, and behaviors.  The Evolving Leader Assessment utilizes a tailored, interview-style approach with the client, individual employ ees, peers, and other organizational leaders to gain insight into leadership style, emotional resilience, communication, interpersonal relationships, strengths, and developmental opportunities.  

When combined with coaching and ongoing development to maximize potential, leaders become well equipped to lead themselves and others in today’s ever changing organizational landscape. They evolve into the type of leader who confidently creates better work experiences that balance leading people with meeting business objectiv es in a culture where people thrive, with less stress and burnout.

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